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In a professional development program at KEAK, you can build skills to advance in your management career. Use our program finder to explore your options.

KEAK | Advanced Courses will give you the opportunity to:

  • Add new specific skills to your CV thanks to a high-quality program

  • Increase your chances to find employment

  • Develop innovative know-how through practice-based learning

  • Learn from an impressive cast of lecturers, the best in their fields

  • Benefit from a wide international network of professionals

  • Become part of one of the large KEAK Alumni network

Whether you are looking to hone existing skills, learn new ones, or reinvent your career—we are here to serve you. Through the KEAK Professional Development Programs, offered by the Division of Continuing Education, you have the opportunity to develop core business competencies—and become the leader you’ve always wanted to be. Our programs are led by experts from a variety of areas! You’ll engage with them in interactive classroom discussions and workshops. You’ll also collaborate with a diverse set of peers to enrich your learning and your professional network. With participants coming from over 25 different industries, you’ll encounter varied perspectives that can help you see your work in new ways.

We invite you to step outside of your everyday routine and challenge yourself. Here, you can reflect on your management or leadership style, and consider ways you can improve. You can learn how to reframe challenges and see them through a new lens. Join us at KEAK, and build knowledge and tools to help you—and your organization—succeed.

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